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Colleen Lawler SUCCESS CALL

SAMPLE this call … listen to first 15 minutes below …

  • 202 closings per year
  • $68 million sales volume
In this call, Colleen talks about:
  • Her slow start and sever call reluctance.
  • Gaining traction by hosting open houses and changing the power dynamic by ‘interviewing” and selecting visitors to be her clients
  • Succeeding in real estate sales as a highly analytical “C” on the DISC personality profile
  • How to use “emotional intelligence” in negotiations
  • Why 35% of her business is “two sided” move up and move down clients
  • Her Golden 200 List that sends the majority of her referrals
  • Why she gets 70% of her business from friends, family, and past clients
  • How she hosts and promotes 2 annual client parties (Shredding Event and Pie Giveaway) that result in immediate and future business
  • The fast and easy way to set up a drip email campaign your people will love
  • How she receives 20% of her business from expired listings … almost without trying
  • Simple way to get the email address for expired listings
  • How to get Zillow/Trulia online reviews and the power of the “one star” review
  • How you built a successful team structure with Post-It Notes
  • Why her team averages 28 closings per member and 67 closings per agent
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more
Members click HERE to listen to entire 1 hour and 29 minute call