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  • 111 closings per year
  • $28 million sales volume

In this call, Nina talks about:

  • Starting as a new home construction representative in the middle of a recession
  • After 3 years, she joined a team as a buyer agent and sold 64 homes in 10 months
  • During her second year on the team she sold 98 homes as a buyer agent and sold 102 homes in her 3rd year
  • After working 70-80 hours per week, she left the team and started her own
  • Last year she sold 111 homes with a buyer agent and an executive assistant
  • 90% of her business is buyer transactions
  • 78% of her closings are coming from her past clients and sphere of influence
  • Nina describes her 33 Touch marketing program
  • One of her best referral sources is throwing her clients a House Warming Party and Nina will describe in detail how to do it
  • She also hosts quarterly client appreciation parties, semi-annual referral parties, and frequent happy hours
  • Find out why her clients love her closing gifts
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more
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