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SAMPLE this call … listen to first 15 minutes below …

  • 1533 closings per year
  • $619 million sales volume

In this call, Bob talks about:

  • Starting his career as a new homes sale representation
  • Selling his first home for $1 dollar down and earning a $100 commission
  • Spending most of his career working with small and mid-sized new home construction builders handling their inside sales and building a company that employed 300 people in 5 states and had $1 billion in annual revenue
  • Closing the doors to his business during the Great Recession
  • In 2008, he transitioned into selling resale homes
  • Bob is still in production listing and selling homes … he even does open houses
  • Last year, his “personal” team of Bob, his wife, and 3 assistants sold 265 homes work 135 million … while his full team sold 1,533 homes worth 619 million
  • Developing business in two locations: core and expansion
  • His core business is in Maryland with 100 agents and 30 support staff
  • Last year he started expansion offices and already has 50 expansion partners in 19 cities across the nation
  • Bob plans to expand into every state in the nation and multiple international cities
  • He thinks there will only be 5 “mega” expansion teams after the shake out
  • Bob believes that success comes from: thinking big, surrounding yourself with winners, and living a life of integrity and honesty
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