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  • 278 closings per year
  • $78 million sales volume

In this call, Matt talks about:

  • His career as a paramedic and police office before starting in real estate
  • Why he worked as a title company closing agent before selling homes
  • Getting a fast start and selling 18 homes his first year
  • Why 17% of his business is from expired listings in a very hot market
  • The script and dialogs he uses to set appointments with expireds
  • The conditions necessary for him to set appointments with 50% of the expires he calls … and why sometimes it is only 10%
  • How to create doubt in the expired seller’s mind without attacking the other agent
  • The single letter he mails that results in appointments with 20% of expireds
  • His script for handling objections while setting appointment with expireds
  • Facebook ads for expired listings including targeting and message
  • Why 25% of his business is from internet leads
  • How he is getting 30-50 seller leads per month from Facebook ads
  • Why he focuses on life changing events and market acceleration in neighborhoods
  • How his lead listing agent will close 120 homes and his lead buyer agent will sell 75 homes this year
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more
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