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Bob Zachmeier SUCCESS CALL

SAMPLE this call … listen to first 15 minutes below …

  • 98 closings per year
  • $13 million sales volume

In this call, Bob talks about:

  • Getting small to net more
  • His goal of selling half as many homes each year while earning twice the income
  • How he earns 30k by selling a 100k house
  • Why he is putting together seller carry back financing sales
  • How he is replacing his income stream by taking a note instead of a commission
  • Why he is selling lower priced homes to earn larger paydays
  • How he finds sellers who are open to seller carry back and private lender finance
  • The script he uses to present his idea to sellers
  • How he finds buyers who need creative financing, have access to large down payments, are willing to accept properties “as is” and make the repairs themselves
  • The way he structures monthly payments to be less than rent
  • How he finds investors who want to put up money and become private lenders
  • What he did to eliminate his landlord problems and turn it into monthly mailbox money
  • Team dynamics and more
Members click HERE to listen to entire 61 minute call