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Elaine Northrop SUCCESS CALL

SAMPLE this call … listen to first 15 minutes below …

  • 1,772 closings per year
  • $750 million sales volume

In this call, Elaine talks about:

  • Not selling a single home her first six months in business, then selling 1 million in real estate (in 1973) during her second six months by changing her internal view of herself from victim to victor
  • How to use creative visualization to get anything you want in life
  • If you want to change your outside world, change the thinking inside your head
  • Why visualization is the most powerful thing you can do to succeed in real estate
  • How to initiate the success cycle of dream, desire, create, and inspire
  • What you should focus on when you visualize
  • The 2 biggest mistakes people make when stating their goals
  • Why success breeds success
  • The power of mediation
  • How she got her start with low rejection open houses … and why she still hosts open houses
  • Using print advertising to build your brand image in the market
  • How creative headlines and house descriptions sell more listings and get you hired by more sellers
  • Her book “Create Your Own Fate: Connect With Your Own Creativity And Chance Your Life”
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