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SAMPLE this call … listen to first 15 minutes below …

  • 345 closings per year
  • $110 million sales volume

In this call, Cody talks about:

  • Selling 16 homes in his first 16 weeks in the business
  • The mental shift necessary for high achievement
  • Viewing production boards daily for motivation
  • Why he focuses on escrows instead of closings
  • The DFT metric (Deal Fell Thru) and why you might want it higher
  • His aggressive expansion into 76 market centers in 17 states and why he thinks he can still grow by a multiple of ten
  • His goal of 1,000 escrows this year
  • Why he looks for partner, not passenger, agents
  • Division of tasks between the hub and the expansion team
  • His approach to For Sale By Owners that is resulting in 25% of his business
  • FSBO scripts for the initial contact, follow up calls, and voice mail
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more
Members click HERE to listen to entire 1 hour and 17 minute call