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SAMPLE this call … listen to first 15 minutes below …

  • 86 closings per year
  • $32 million sales volume

In this call, Sarah talks about:

  • Building sales skills and systems for the first 4 months … then selling 25 homes her first year by networking and working homegrown internet leads generated by her husband Scott the marketing manager
  • Expanding into a second market due to a family illness
  • Managing a team remotely from 200 miles away … the schedule and technology used to keep her team members accountable and on goal
  • How she is generated 38% of her business from homegrown internet leads with both free search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) ads
  • The relocation package offer that accounts for 50% of her internet leads
  • Which internet ads are providing the highest return and the average cost
  • How to get a prospect’s email address when you only have a cell number
  • What she is doing to generate 62% of her business by repeat and referrals from past clients and sphere of influence including her annual marketing plan
  • 2 referral scripts you can use with your sphere of influence
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more
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