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SAMPLE this call … listen to first 15 minutes below …

  • 387 closings per year
  • $175 million sales volume

In this call, Jeff talks about:

  • How he niched into the “mid luxury” market where homes are twice the average price
  • Why he takes days, weeks, even months to properly prepare a home for sale
  • The biggest problems he encounters with bringing older homes into today’s style (you might be surprised)
  • His 57 item checklist for identifying functional obsolescence
  • Why dropping the price might be the wrong way to sell a home
  • How fix-up, repair, and updating the home are now marketing cost
  • Why he will invest his own money to fix up his client’s property
  • Selling the buyer on the home before the first showing
  • How he gets home photos to jump off the screen and get buyers lining up for his new listings
  • Why he hires a professional photographer
  • Hiring a professional stagger that he calls the “seller’s helper”
  • Taking before and after staging photos to promote on his website to get future clients
  • Get SEO leads by promoting neighborhoods over houses
  • Why open houses are the hot new way to find a buyer for your listing … and how to host an open house to find more sellers
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more
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