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  • 61 closings per year
  • $18 million sales volume

In this call, Anne talks about:

  • Starting as an organizer and property manager for her family real estate investment business
  • Working with her spouse and adult children
  • Why both she and her husband are in production, how to make it work, and why both need their own independent coach
  • How the loss of family member affects a family team
  • How she generated 30% of her business from expired listings last year including her approach of being the “turn around” agent, how she contacts the seller, and the service she uses to research the owners name, address, and phone number
  • Even in a fast market, 10% of her business is from foreclosures and NODs (notices of default) and she describes a quick easy way to find contact info
  • How she gets 50% of her business from repeat and referrals from past clients and sphere of influence from a small database of 800 people including her simple annual marketing plan
  • The psychology of prospecting and how to embrace the opportunity
  • How she splits her time between sale production 3 days per week and being a coach for the Mike Ferry Organization 2 days per week
  • Team dynamics, profit margins, and more
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