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Dayton Schrader SUCCESS CALL

SAMPLE this call … listen to first 15 minutes below …

  • 605 closings per year
  • $155 million sales volume

In this call, Dayton talks about:

  • His slow start in real estate selling 5 homes his first year
  • How he slowly built his practice with by working his sphere of influence
  • Recognizing that referral partners could each send 2-5 referrals per year
  • Building a VIP Referral Partner program with 250 professionals that resulted in 300 closings last year
  • Why he like to host big and small events
  • His belief in the Law of Reciprocity and how it works with referrals
  • Scripts his uses when initiating and following up with his referral partners
  • How he became a problem solver and a fixer for new home builders that results in over 200 closings last year
  • Common problems builders experience and how you can profit by solving
  • Why he personally lists 20 homes each month and tracks his P&L monthly
  • Team dynamics, profit margins, and more
Members click HERE to listen to entire 58 minute call