Alexander Chandler SUCCESS CALL

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  • 511 closings per year
  • $123 million sales volume

In this call, Alexander talks about:

  • Avoiding real estate sales when he started earning a living
  • What pulled him into real estate
  • Starting from zero in 3 different markets in 3 different cities
  • Lead generation he used to get a fast start in each new market
  • Developing a niche representing new home builders … listing and selling new construction homes has been 90% of his practice
  • Multiple ways agents can start a relationship with a new home builder
  • Using creative marketing to sell new construction homes
  • Basic concepts for setting your commission rate and fee structure when representing builders … and the difference between percentage and flat rate
  • New home builders know that 48% of all new homes are sold to buyers who are represented by an agent … so most plan to pay agents a co-op commission
  • 5 common reasons new home developments fail … and simple solutions that you can use to become a hero to the builder
  • Why branding and perception are important to both builders and agents
  • Team dynamics, creative marketing, and more
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