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  • 108 closings per year
  • $45 million sales volume
In this call, Anne talks about:
  • Getting a fast start and selling 77 homes her first year in a new market
  • Quickly identifying an under-served niche and helping Spanish speaking clients
  • Becoming the community resource for her clients and serving their needs both in and out of real estate
  • How referrals happen without asking for them when you have a servant’s heart
  • Why you have to do good to do well
  • How she broke into the luxury market when a janitor mentioned her to a corporate executive who referred her to her first high end relocation client
  • Her signature Go Godiva Chocolate marketing effort that brings in 10 million dollars in referrals and has a 20-to-1 ROI
  • Selling 108 homes last year (and 149 homes already this year), being the only salesperson on the team, and handling all the buyers and sellers personally
  • Why your actions speak louder than your words
  • How she increased her production 40% in the last year by focusing all her marketing efforts into one area around her office
  • Team dynamics, profit margins and more
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