Bernie Gallerani SUCCESS CALL

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  • 297 closings per year
  • $73 million sales volume

In this call, Bernie talks about:

  • Growing up with humble beginnings while living in assisted HUD housing yet always believing he was destined for a better life
  • Getting a quick start in real estate and selling 34 homes his first year by focusing on prospecting and lead generation
  • Building a team that sold 297 homes last year
  • Personal listing and closing 101 sellers while the team helped 196 buyers
  • Staying in personal production to maximize net profits
  • Finding out if his team is truly profitable by splitting all revenues and expenses between his personal production and his team’s production using the concept of strategic business units
  • Why he invested big in Zillow advertising after testing and tracking
  • Discussing Zillow reviews, promotions, conversion rates, and ROI
  • Discovering that Google Adwords leads are cheap, but harder to convert
  • What he does to list expireds and how he adapted his approach in a super strong seller’s market, including his script
  • How to rekindle past clients after years of ignoring them
  • What he did to received 1 closing per 16 people in his past client and sphere of influence database within the first year of contacting them including his annual marketing plan
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more
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