Casey Margenau SUCCESS CALL

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  • 69 closings per year
  • $74 million sales volume
In this call, Casey talks about:
  • Getting a quick start in real estate and becoming the #1 agent in his association by his second full year in the business
  • Why it’s helpful to have a sales background
  • Selling through storytelling
  • How he started selling luxury homes
  • Why he calls million dollar homes “forever homes”
  • Which agents can easily transition into the luxury market (you may be surprised)
  • How to market luxury homes and find a buyer
  • What he claims is the “single biggest thing I’ve done in my career that has had success”
  • The radical change he sees coming in the market in the next 5 years that will dramatically change the real estate landscape … and how you can survive and even thrive
  • His simple annual marketing plan to past clients and sphere of influence
  • How “green and red cherries” changed his approach to marketing
  • Why internet marketing dynamics and an exit plan led him to go independent
  • The 3 key administrative positions on his team
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more
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