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  • 64 closings per year
  • $44 million sales volume
In this call, Edie talks about:
  • How she got a fast start and sold 23 homes her first year by working with a relocation director and working at the local Costco Roadshow
  • How she moved into luxury home sales by targeting neighborhoods she likes
  • Selling a 5 million dollar home
  • How to find luxury clients and how she found her first high end client
  • Her luxury broker package
  • How to put on a successful Broker Preview for industry participants
  • Expanding her market, reputation, and reach through geographic farming and direct mail by starting with 1,000 home farm and growing to 60,000 homes per month that is resulting in a 4-to-1 ROI
  • What her direct mail piece looks like
  • How to get and use Zillow Testimonials to improve your internet reputation
  • Her annual marketing plan for past clients and sphere of influence
  • What she says when she calls her past clients
  • How to work with your spouse
  • Team dynamics, profit margins and more
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