Free Interview – Carin Nguyen

Carin Nguyen

536 closings (8/8/11 YTD)

$48 M volume

***Update: 896 closings and $78.3 M volume in 2011.***

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Carin Nguyen with Real AZtate in Goodyear, Arizona. She works the west valley of Metro Phoenix. As of August 8th 2011, this year she closed 536 transactions with a total sales volume of 48 million. Her average sales price was 89 thousand of which 9% were buyers and 91% were sellers. She operates a team with 14 members: 2 transaction managers, 2 transaction coordinators, 2 MLS data entry, 1 HOA/utility, 1 bookkeeper, 1 accounts payable, 4 field reps, and 1 team leader. She also utilizes her company’s 29 agents to assist with buyers.

Carin Nguyen is the team leader of Real AZtate. She has been an agent for 8 years. Carin sells REO properties. In the last few years, Carin narrowed her focus to listing homes for the “government trifecta” (HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac).

The REO market is full of opportunity and challenges. Carin’s production has varied radically over the last few years. In 2009, she closed 387 homes. In 2010, she closed 98 homes. In 2011, as of August 8th, she has already closed 536 homes and hopes to hit 1,000 closings.

Carin is smart, ambitious, flexible, and driven. She exudes confidence and charisma. Carin is not afraid to pick up the phone or fly around the county to establish and maintain relationships with banks and asset managers. She is a risk taker. In early 2010, Carin saw an opportunity to get into government homes, but her brokerage was hesitant. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, she acted fast. Carin switched gears and opened her own brokerage to take advantage of a once in a life time opportunity. She then beat out 2,500 other agents to gain a lucrative HUD contract.

Carin will describe how she got into the REO, HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac markets. Listen closely as she describes the advantages and disadvantages of each.

2011 Stats (YTD thru 8/8/11):

  • 536 closings
  • 48 million sales volume
  • 89 thousand average price
  • 9% buyers and 91% sellers
  • 14 member team:
    • 2 transaction managers
    • 2 transaction coordinators
    • 2 MLS data entry
    • 1 HOA/utility
    • 1 bookkeeper
    • 1 accounts payable
    • 4 field reps
    • 1 team leader


  • HUD
  • REO

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