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  • 111 closings per year
  • $141 million sales volume
In this call, Jenny talks about:
  • Being named “Rookie of the Year”
  • How she ranked #3 in Chicago by her 3rd year in the business
  • Intentionally working the luxury market from day one
  • How to quickly gain market knowledge and become the expert
  • Looking for your portal into the luxury market
  • Removing the “Chinese Wall” between your personal and business worlds
  • Lifestyle selling
  • Why networking is important and how to do it right
  • How to differentiate yourself with photo quality and copywriting
  • Why you should never use a 35 mm lens camera to photograph the interior
  • Why listing syndication fails to inspire and how you can correct it
  • Focusing on the details is the key to success in the luxury market
  • How to market to past clients and sphere of influence with small and large events
  • Team dynamics, profit margins and more
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