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Want to be the top agent in your office?  Want more closings?  Why re-invent the wheel?  Just copy proven techniques.  Top real estate agents share their success secrets, strategies, & systems in up-close and personal recorded conversations. Find out what’s working…and what’s not.  Master mind with other agents in different markets.  Discover multiple solutions to your challenges.  Make friends and professional connections.  Support each other.  Share tips, ideas, & advice. Take your business to the next level with private 1-on-1 calls with Coach Mike.  Stay focused and accountable.  Find new approaches and solutions.  Customized coaching personalized to reach your income & business goals faster.
  • 2 new top agent calls each month
  • Top agents average:  374 closings per year worth $54.1 million, and earn $1.6 million in GCI.
  • you can dowload and keep the top agent calls as mp3 files
  • cancel anytime, for any reason
  • Top Agent Call Library with full access to EVERY top agent call I’ve ever done (over 35 calls)
  • Top Agent Calls PLUS…
  • YOU participate in ONE master mind call each month with peers at your level
  • you can download and keep the master mind calls as mp3 files
  • cancel anytime, for any reason
  • Master Mind Calls Library with full access to EVERY master mind call I’ve ever done (in addition to yours)
  • Top Agent Calls PLUS…
  • Master Mind Calls PLUS…
  • YOU participate in ONE in-depth 45-minute private 1-on-1 call each month with Coach Mike
  • you can download and keep the private 1-on-1 calls as mp3 files
  • Private 1-on-1 Call Library with full access to ALL of your 1-on-1 private calls so you can review anytime


Here’s what members are saying about the calls…

“I was tickled to find your site and have already listened to a couple of the calls. Great stuff! I had listened to StarPower® for years and was a actually interviewed myself in 2005. I forgot how much these sessions inspired me. I like your format even better. If I can ever help you in anyway, do not hesitate to call. Thanks.” – John Jones

“The calls have been so VERY helpful. I am just amazed at the level of details provided.  Today I was listening and it was so very informative. I feel so blessed to have found the Master Mind Agent website. As a new agent in the business, I attribute it and the calls for shaving years off of my learning curve!  Thanks again for sharing!”  – Monica Williams

“I LOVE this site and the calls.  Thank you again.”  – Steve Warrene

“There are so many sites on the Internet claiming to provide information which will help boost Real Estate Agents (Realtors®) to success…One thing that stands out to me the most is the personalized response to my queries and feeling that I am actually connected to a ‘real’ person. No ‘Hype’ … just real day to day insight on how to really get ahead. You are on a winner here Mike. I have gained ideas from the calls I have listened to on your site and I’m sure many more agents will benefit from your calls. Thank you.” – Geri Welsford

“Really enjoying these calls. I always stay motivated, no matter the market…but these calls give the extra boost. Thanks.” -Kale Hassan

Thank you! This was a wonderful call, so helpful.” -Connie Medeiros

“I’ve been busy using the information and tips from the calls that I listened to. : ) Thank you.” -Lyndee Mayes

“I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed listening to these successful agents. I’m always picking up something from one of them. Thanks.” – Shawna Frazier

“I have listened to 4 of the calls. Pretty good stuff.” – Martin Zawarski

“You’ve got a nice little business. Good content and good value. I’ve got a neat way to listen to them rapidly with my android phone at 2x normal speed (no loss of comprehension). Best of success going forward!” – Mark Stewart

“Great site and great idea! Keep up the good work.” – Keith Bennett

“Good call! Lots of great ideas to try. I will be working on this today. Thanks!” -Doris Duhamel-Labbe

“Very informative. Thank you so much for doing this. It’s a great resource.” – Connie Medeiros

“It sure is a great site.” – Dr John M Vos

“I am thrilled to listen. Love all the calls. Thank you for your product!” – Kevin Duffy

“Great site. The duration of the calls and depth of information shared I found to be extremely helpful. Keep up the good work!” – Daniel Vasquez

“Wow! It was like she was sitting in my living room telling me exactly how she did it as though I was her family.” – Vicki Gonzales

LOVE THE PRODUCT! I have already used some of the things from the agents.” – Rico Glover

“I loved it, wow that guy is amazing…… I really cannot believe he did all that at such a young age. Nice call and thanks, I received alot of information.” – Jennifer Napier

“Excellent, great ideas that I can implement right away. Great calls. Very valuable. Thanks for this service.” – Antonio Atoche