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  • 96 closings per year
  • $17 million sales volume

In this call, Joy talks about:

  • How she sold 96 homes last year
  • Why she works as a solo agent and does not want any buyer agents
  • How she took 6 months off last year to travel the world (not all at once)
  • Her love of traveling to different countries to see different cultures (she’s already been to 37 countries)
  • When she is at work, she is totally focused on dollar productive activities
  • When she is on vacation, she totally disconnects from the business
  • How she only works 8-5 during the week and rarely works on the weekend
  • Why 99% of her clients wait for her to return from a trip before transacting real estate (hint: they want Joy only)
  • What her daily schedule looks like
  • Why she prospects for 2 hours every day, but never cold calls strangers
  • How she achieves an 85% profit margin and more
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