Kauffman-Weaver SUCCESS CALL

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  • 382 closings per year
  • $79 million sales volume
In this call, Kevin & Fred talks about:
  • Succeeding in a recession by becoming experts at Short Sales
  • Building a 7th Level team that worked … then failed
  • Jumping back into the business to list & sell while rebuilding from the ground up
  • Growth through a multi-state hub-and-spoke expansion team
  • What happens in the hub main office
  • How they find agents to work the expansion offices
  • Focusing on the 3 main lead generators of their sales agents: sphere of influence, prospecting, and open houses
  • Training and accountability
  • Leverage through delegation
  • The 3 different referral sources: single agent, partners, and referral companies
  • Creating a interdependent lead generation model
  • Their goal to have 500 expansion partners
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more
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