Lawrence Belland SUCCESS CALL

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  • 81 closings per year
  • $28 million sales volume
In this call, Lawrence talks about:
  • Starting his career creatively with “minor partitions” and helping sellers split vacant lots off oversized properties to create two pieces of real estate to sell
  • Putting his real estate sales career on hold while he pursued the mortgage business and investment transactions for 10 years
  • Jumping back into real estate sales by working short sales … in the early 1990’s
  • How he developed his concept of the “Listing Launch” where he builds up anticipation in the market with delayed showing dates and restricted offer dates
  • His 10 day pre-launch marketing program that is resulting in dozens of showings and multiple offers the first day on the market … including the best day and time for the launch
  • Why he invests his own money to “fix up” his sellers’ properties for quicker sales and higher nets for the seller … and himself
  • His seller strategy for dealing with multiple offers
  • The annual marketing plan he uses with his past clients and sphere of influence to generate repeat and referrals that account for 40% of his business
  • Team dynamics, profit margins and more
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