Linda McKissack SUCCESS CALL

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  • 146 closings per year
  • $50 million sales volume
In this call, Linda talks about:
  • The huge upside the real estate business offers
  • How she went from 600 thousand in debt with she began her real estate career to earning 3 million per year in passive income today
  • Using big models to achieve big results
  • How to turn your time consuming real estate practice into a 7th level team that runs without you and pays you a passive income stream year after year
  • Why you want to hire and partner with “empire builders” and build a “bigger brighter future” for you and your team members
  • The downside to doing everything yourself and living commission check to commission check
  • Opening your eyes to new possibilities, walking through natural doors, and building a business bigger than you initially imagined
  • How to structure the sale of your team and receive a 10 year income stream
  • Building a 30 million dollar real estate portfolio filled with little rental houses that generate 146 thousand dollars per month in rental income
  • Expanding from agent to team leader to office broker to region owner
  • How she helped other offices grow and now receives 1.2 million per year in passive income
  • And much, much more
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