Marti Hampton SUCCESS CALL

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  • 425 closings per year
  • $115 million sales volume
In this call, Marti talks about:
  • Why growing up in poverty motivated her to be a success
  • Being a single parent with 3 small children when she started in real estate
  • Using high energy and enthusiasm to sell and win
  • Increasing her production from 44k to 300k in the first 5 years
  • Listing 42 homes in her best month
  • Her innovative “Coming Soon” listing onboarding process that front loads marketing, creates pent up buyer demand, market interest, multiple offers, quick sales, and high prices for her sellers
  • The best day to release a home on the market
  • How to handle multiple offers
  • Her marketing plan for past client and sphere of influence that generates repeats, referrals, and 50% of her closed business last year
  • Marketing with educational videos
  • Giving away event tickets
  • Special past client file with 250 people most likely to refer her business
  • Real estate update radio ads
  • Working with Boomtown
  • How to get online recommendations and reviews from happy past clients
  • Her favorite books
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more
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