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  • 218 closings per year
  • $44 million sales volume
In this call, Matt talks about:
  • How he sold 2 homes his first week and 35 homes his first 6 months
  • The promotion he used to sell 11 homes in 2 hours
  • His internet lead generation and conversion process that resulted in 100 closing last year
  • His cost per lead and cost per sale numbers for Zillow, Commissions Inc., and Tiger Leads
  • His lead distribution system including the perfect number of leads per agent
  • How to get a hold of 90% of your internet leads within 48 hours
  • How he got a 6-to-1 ROI on his internet leads and shares the cost with his lender
  • The CRM he likes best for tracking and converting his leads
  • How to use your internet leads to sign more listings
  • Using mass text messages and his most effective text script
  • How to keep your agents on track with weekly reviews and coaching
  • Why he has over 200 online reviews and how he gets them
  • Keys to working with new home builders
  • Simple past client marketing plan that resulted in 11% of list repeating or referring
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more
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