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  • 260 closings per year
  • $104 million sales volume
In this call, Matt talks about:
  • Only selling 2 homes his first full year in real estate
  • Sleeping on his parents couch and begging his dad for gas money to get started
  • Why switching market focus open the doors to a whole new future
  • Building the foundation of success with passion, education, and determination
  • Predicting internet marketing trends and getting in early
  • Buying Zillow and Trulia zip codes in the early days
  • Answering buyer and seller questions online and receiving a stream of leads
  • How he got 550 agent reviews and recommendations on the internet that give him instant credibility
  • Using high quality photo and video marketing
  • Producing neighborhood tour videos to establish his expert status
  • Why most agents approach lead follow up the wrong way
  • Why he hates CRMs and sends personal emails instead
  • Team dynamics, profit margins and more
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