MEGA Open House – Call for Case Studies – 081214

Call for “MEGA Open House” Case Studies

I’ve been researching  Mega Open Houses for months…it’s fascinating.  It’s like I discovered a secret underground society of real estate agents.

Some will talk to me…some won’t.

Many act like they’ve discovered a “secret” to getting one closed client every time they hold a Mega Open.  And since most agents don’t know about it (or do it)…maybe it is a secret.

So what is it?

Mega Open Houses are large scale “events” where you hold a single house open, promote like crazy (with virtually zero cost), get 20, 30, or even 50+ people through, find motivated buyers (and sellers), and most of the time…get one solid client who closes in 30 days or less.  Best of all, it’s duplicatable and repeatable.

I’m getting ready to do a live “deep dive” training on “Mega Open Houses”…and I always love when I can teach from real life examples, so I’m looking for some fresh Case Studies.

I could really use your help…

If you’ve held a Mega Open House and are willing to talk about your success, please tell me about it.  I might want to profile you and your Mega Open experience.

It doesn’t have to be a “perfect” Mega Open with 100+ people.  It’s more important that you went for it and generated leads, clients, and closings.  I’m interested in hearing about it…and I might want to feature you in one of my Case Studies.

So if you are interesting in possibly being one of my Cast Studies, please fill out the form below.

Finally, if you’re interested in attending my Mega Open House “deep dive” training, as of right now I’m not sure how many spots are available.  Due to the high interactive nature of this program (where students will have direct access to me), we only have limited spots available.  And unfortunately, almost all of this spots have already been pre-reserved.  If you want to be on the “contact list” for any open spots, then there is an option below that you can check to join the contact list.

Keep moving forward!