MEGA Open House Survey – 080514

Curious about MEGA open houses?

Real estate agent Joshua Smith held a 3-hour Mega Open House and the results surprised even him…

  • 98 people walked thru
  • 4 seller listings signed
  • 11 buyer reps signed

Joshua puts on BIG open houses with BIG results. Each Mega Open House is averaging 50 people thru the door…buyers AND sellers.  The best part…it’s nearly zero cost.  Wow! Imagine doing just one of these Mega Opens per week. How much business would you have in one month?

It got me thinking…so I started investigating this trend.  I’m finding top agents all over the nation who are putting on these “mega” open houses and getting huge results.  Which is ODD since a “traditional” open house typically results in 2-5 people thru…on a good day.  Maybe you can help me. I’m thinking of questions to ask.

What do YOU want to know about Mega Open Houses?

Please take a few minutes and fill out the super quick 3-question survey below.  Tell me what YOU want to know about Mega Open Houses.  I’ll search for answers and let you know what I find out.  Thanks. : )