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Master Mind Agent – Interview of the Month CLUB

Learn the success secrets, strategies, and systems of the top real estate agents in up-close and personal interviews.


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2 NEW Top Agent Interviews each month. This month’s interviews:

  • Don Wenner – 394 closings. $81 million.
  • Ellen Mitchel – 167 closings. $18 m.
Bonus 1- My Resources – This is a member download area with all of the helpful resources the top agents have given to help you succeed. There are sample advertisements, magazines, directories, postcards, websites, blogs, emails, resumes, checklist, forms, scripts, pictures, videos, links, and more. You’re welcome to incorporate these ideas into your business.
Bonus 2 – 2012 Interivews– ($319.60 value) All top agent interviews since the begining of 2012. Includes:

  • Pat Hiban – 508 closings. $208 million.
  • Mark Delgado – 92 closings. $16.9 m.
  • Doug & Kirsten Hill – 138 close. $23 m.
  • Joshua Smith – 416 closings. $42 m.
  • Chantel Ray – 810 closings. $94 m.
  • Lindsay Sanger – 166 closings. $13 m.
  • Michael Balsitis – 411 closings. $22 m.
  • Ellen Brewood – 423 closings. $30 m.
Bonus 3 – 101 Ways to a Six Figure Income as a Real Estate Agent Toolkit– ($97.00 vlaue) Digital product includes: 471 page system manual, 527 sample ads, and 3 hours of audio instruction.
Bonus 4 – 2011 Interviews – ($958.80 vlaue) All 24 top agent and rising agent interviews of 2011. Includes:

  • Leo Pareja – 603 closings. $118 million.
  • John Morley – 69 closings. $13.9 m.
  • McDaniel-Callahan – 54 close. $77 m.
  • Brandon Hunt – 52 closings. $11.7 m.
  • Tyler Smith – 171 closings. $32 m.
  • Teresa Staiano – 44 closings. $7.9 m.
  • Daniel Del Real – 196 close. $25 m.
  • Kate Hamlin – 29 closings. $5.0 m.
  • Chad Goldwasswer – 543 close.$123m.
  • Spring Bengtzen – 47 closings. $11.3 m.
  • Jana Caudill – 444 closings. $93 m.
  • Mike Muren – 33 closings. $7.6 m.
  • Jose Medina – 155 closings. $21 m.
  • Christina Valkanoff – 37 close. $7.0 m.
  • Carin Nguyen – 896 closings. $78 m.
  • Angie VanEman – 42 closings. $8.5 m.
  • Mike Phillips – 1,268 closings. $35 m.
  • Wayne Salmans – 92 closings. $16 m.
  • Rob Levy – 92 closings. $34 m.
  • Stephanie Gasparovic – 57 close $10 m
  • Tom Rubens – 317 closings. $21 m.
  • Andy Mulholland – 44 closings. $6.1 m.
  • Krista Mashore – 107 closings. $22 m.
  • Jeremy Chubb – 213 closings. $19 m.
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*** 50% OFF Discount offer ends May 28, 2012 at 12 midnight PST ***

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