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  • 586 closings per year
  • $200 million sales volume

In this call, Noah talks about:

  • Selling 50 homes his first year in the business … and how he did it
  • Why everyone you meet needs housing and is a potential client
  • Lessons he learned from rapid growth
  • Answering the age old question: should team leaders give leads to agents … or teach agents to lead generate?
  • How to change the culture of a team
  • Why he turned weekly sales meetings into weekly Massive Action Events
  • What happens during the events … and the early results
  • Why focusing on your past clients and sphere of influence is more valuable than chasing people you don’t know
  • Rapid growth through expansion offices … mistakes made and lessons learned
  • What to do if a new office is not working out
  • Why it’s better to go narrow-and-deep instead of broad-and-shallow
  • Team dynamics, compensation, and more
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