Noel Bittinger SUCCESS CALL

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  • 154 closings per year
  • $43 million sales volume

In this call, Noel talks about:

  • Failing her licensing exam the first attempt, yet selling 30 homes her first year
  • Exactly what she did to get such a fast start
  • Working with her spouse for 34 years and why it’s critical to establish clearly defined roles
  • How systems can set you free
  • What is a system, how can you set up a system, and examples of systems
  • Software that digitizes your system and gets all team members on same page
  • How she gets 57% of her business by repeat & referrals from past clients including her annual marketing plan
  • Why she hosts 3 client parties per year instead of one
  • How she gets 31% of her business from internet leads, what is her #1 best internet lead source, and the company she hired to run her internet marketing
  • Who does a better job of converting internet leads: agents, ISA, or outsource?
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more
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