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The secret to success in real estate is simple…find out what the top agents are doing…and do the same thing!

Top agents reveal their success secrets, strategies, and systems in up-close-and-personal audio interviews…

  • Learn how to sell 100, 200, 300 homes per year and more…
  • Learn how to close $10 million, $20 million, $30 million in sales per year and more…
  • Learn how to earn $300,000, $500,000, $1,000,000 per year and more…

It’s all inside…

Every month top real estate agents from across North America reveal their secrets to success in up-close-and-personal audio interviews. Each interview is recorded, edited, and then distributed to the CLUB members. Get your front row seat and learn from these amazing agents when you join the…

Master Mind Agent

Interview of the Month CLUB

Have you ever wanted to be a bug on the wall of a top agent’s office and hear exactly how they do it?

Now you can listen in…

Listen closely as these amazing agents spill-the-beans and tell you exactly how they got to the top.

Use their strategies and techniques to lift your real estate career to the next level. Each interview is guaranteed to inspire you to achieve greatness.

Mimic and master. To become a top agent, you have to DO what top agents DO. Listen each month as these incredible agents reveal their success secrets, strategies and systems. Each interview digs deep into the thought process, the mind-set, and the actions it takes to be a top agent. We’ll pull back the curtain and expose the inner workings of their organizations. You’ll get a rare look inside these high-performance machines. Then you can mimic the top agents, master the top agent methods, and become a top agent.

“I don’t claim to be smarter, better or more successful than other people. I find people who are doing what I want to do and I model them. I truly don’t believe I need to reinvent anything. I need to go find people who are doing it at a very high level and emulate them…” – Leo Pareja, #1 Agent Worldwide Keller Williams Realty with 603 closings in 2010
“I think, if you’re not inspired by the things you hear on the recordings, you’re crazy. I don’t know where people get their motivation from if not from other people. The stories, the passion, the drama, all of that is right here. If you don’t understand this marketplace, listen to the things on this website and you’re going to have motivation and a game plan…” – Mike Phillips, #1 Agent USA in The Wall Street Journal / Real Trends Report with 1,268 closings in 2010

Every month, top agents reveal their success secrets, strategies and systems in open format interviews. They hold nothing back. Contrary to popular belief, most top agents want to share their knowledge and help their peers succeed.

The top agents all started from ground zero. They built their careers one step at a time. Along the way, most were helped by someone higher up the success ladder. Now they’re “paying-forward” the lessons and experiences they’ve learned on the path to success, achievement, and financial reward.

You can leap-frog over years of trial-and-error. You can learn the methods of real estate success by simply listening to these powerful interviews and avoid years of flopping around in the School-of-Hard-Knocks.

Every month you’ll learn from the best and the brightest, including:

  • Top agents who sell 100, 200, 300 homes per year and more…
  • Top agents who close $10 million, $20 million, $30 million in sales per year and more…
  • Top agents who earn $300,000, $500,000, $1,000,000 per year and more…
  • Top agents who have teams of 1, 5, 10 team members and more…

You’ll listen to top agents who sell:

  • first time buyer homes,
  • mid-range homes,
  • luxury homes,
  • for-sale-by-owner homes,
  • expired homes,
  • builder & new construction homes,
  • green energy homes,
  • resort & 2nd homes,
  • REO homes,
  • HUD, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac homes,
  • short-sale homes and more…
“One of the reasons I actually ended up choosing to be a residential RealtorĀ® is because I got a hold of these interviews, much like your doing now, where I was listening to top agents around the country … I was thinking to myself, ‘They’re not any smarter than me. If they can do it, I can do it.'”John Morley (on track to close 100 homes this year)
” I don’t consider myself a hugely smart person. I didn’t go to college. But I can learn from what other people are doing, adapt, and use that myself…I say, “What a great idea! How can I apply that to my market?“…Some say, “That’ll never work in my market.” And I think the successful agents say, “How can that work in my market?” And that’s the difference…” – Rob Levy, #1 Prudential Agent in Portland, Oregon with 92 closings in 2010

You’ll hear from a variety of agents from all over the country selling different kinds of homes in different kinds of markets. You won’t be forced into ONE single way of doing business. The cookie-cutter, one-size fits all approach doesn’t work for most agents. Instead you can pick and choose the ideas that work best for you and implement them into your real estate career. You can custom-design your career to fit your lifestyle.

These amazing top agents will teach you how to:

  • list more homes,
  • sell more homes,
  • close more deals,
  • increase your marketing ideas,
  • generate more buyer and seller leads,
  • develop and dominate a niche market,
  • specialize and become the market expert,
  • use traditional marketing such as:
    • farming,
    • direct mail,
    • door knocking,
    • real estate magazines,
    • classified ads,
    • billboards,
    • bus benches,
    • radio,
    • television,
    • networking,
    • sphere-of-influence,
    • past clients,
    • referrals and more,
  • implement digital marketing such as:
    • email,
    • auto-responders,
    • auto-text-responders,
    • websites,
    • internet leads,
    • social networking,
    • search engine optimization (SEO),
    • internet data exchange (IDX),
    • pay-per-click (PPC),
    • digital classifieds,
    • banner ads and more,
  • work with banks, REO departments and asset managers to list bank-owned homes,
  • work with the government to list HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac homes,
  • find and close short-sales fast plus get paid full commission,
  • implement powerful follow-up systems,
  • role play scripts and dialogs,
  • master objection handling techniques,
  • set more listing and buyer appointments,
  • utilize a strong listing presentation,
  • win with a powerful buyer presentation,
  • get hired more often,
  • convince sellers to reduce their price,
  • negotiate the winning offer for your client,
  • increase your commissions by adding value,
  • charge transaction fees and add other income sources,
  • open affiliate businesses for more revenue streams such as:
    • property management,
    • mortgage company,
    • title company,
    • insurance company,
    • technology company and more,
  • lower your expenses,
  • raise your profits,
  • assemble a team including:
    • buyer specialists,
    • listing specialists,
    • client care specialists,
    • transaction managers,
    • closing managers,
    • bookkeepers,
    • HOA/utility specialists,
    • field agents,
    • inside sales agents,
    • door knockers,
    • couriers and more,
  • find, interview, and hire productive and dedicated team members,
  • manage and motivate team members,
  • balance your work, family, and play,
  • take time off and continue to earn,
  • learn how to systemitize your business and set it on autopilot,
  • step out of the day-to-day operation and continue to earn profits,
  • and much, much more…
“I had a fast start…because I listened to top performing agents…similar to what you are doing for people, Mike, interviewing top agents around the country regardless of their affiliation with their companies…it shortened my learning curve…I did the things that worked….” – Jana Caudill, #1 Agent in Northwest Indiana with 444 closings in 2006

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“Great job on the website…invest in yourself…go buy a book…go subscribe to this website that gives you these insights…it’s valuable…your interviewing a lot of high-end agents…I’m going to go through them…maybe that will be my edge…I think it’s great…I think there’s a lot of things of value…” – Daniel Del Real, #1 Agent in Modesto, California with 196 closings in 2010

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“”…If people listen to these interviews and they actually implement what these top agents are doing, it’s a recipe for success…I don’t know of any other industry that does something like this where the top people across the United States get together and share that type of information. It’s very important and if you just do it, you’ll be successful.” – Jose Medina, #1 Agent in Stark County, Ohio with 155 closings in 2010