101 Ways Toolkit

101 Ways to a Six Figure Income as a Real Estate Agent Toolkit includes:

  • 471 page manual with
  • 527 sample advertisements and
  • 3+ hours of audio recordings.

This is a digital product.  The manual is PDF and the recordings are MP3.  You can download each by right clicking on the link and “Save As” to your computer.  Be sure to create a file folder to collect all the parts.

This is a timed-learning series program.  The program is huge.  So it has been broken down into manageable parts.  Each week you will receive 50 pages.  After you have the complete manual, you will receive each hour of audio recording distributed weekly.  Be sure to stay ahead and read each section as your receive it each week.

Each week the next LINK will appear below.

Manual pages 1-50:

[DAP day=”1″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-pages-1-50 [/DAP]

Manual pages 51-100:

[DAP day=”8″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-pages-51-100[/DAP]

Manual pages 101-150:

[DAP day=”15″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-pages-101-150[/DAP]

Manual pages 151-200:

[DAP day=”22″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-pages-151-200[/DAP]

Manual pages 201-250:

[DAP day=”29″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-pages-201-250[/DAP]

Manual pages 251-300:

[DAP day=”36″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-pages-251-300[/DAP]

Manual pages 301-350:

[DAP day=”43″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-pages-301-350[/DAP]

Manual pages 351-400:

[DAP day=”50″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-pages-351-400[/DAP]

Manual pages 401-450:

[DAP day=”57″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-pages-401-450[/DAP]

Manual pages 451-471:

[DAP day=”64″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-pages-451-471[/DAP]

Audio hour 1:

[DAP day=”71″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-audio-1[/DAP]

Audio hour 2:

[DAP day=”78″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-audio-2[/DAP]

Audio hour 3:

[DAP day=”85″ hasAccessTo=”19″]101-ways-audio-3[/DAP] 

Now you have all the parts.

I hope you enjoyed the 101 Ways Toolkit and profit greatly from the knowledge.