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Results of the Solo Agent Survey

Thank you for participating in the Solo Agent Survey.

Let’s get to the results.

From the cool agents who responded, here is what we learned.

Type of Solo Agent:

75% Lone Wolf – solo agents who have zero assistants … and do everything by themselves

15% Side Kick – solo agents who have 1 or more administrative assistants.

10% Contract Help – solo agents who pay a transaction manager (or other admin) on a per closing basis.

* Note: these numbers held true even with additional results added second day..

Number of Administrative Assistants:

75% with 0 assistants

21% with 1 assistant

4% with 2 assistants

Number of Homes Sold in Best Year:

10% at 0-5 homes sold

13% at 6-9 homes sold

25% at 10-19 homes sold

20% at 20-29 homes sold

15% at 30-39 homes sold

10% at 40-49 homes sold

5% at 50-74 homes sold

2% at 75-99 homes sold

Annual Gross Commission Income (GCI)

18% at 0-49 thousand

25% at 50-99 thousand

25% at 100-199 thousand

30% at 200-499 thousand

2% at 500+ thousand


Wow!  Cool insight.

Solo agents are doing BETTER than the industry likes to admit.

My assumption is that solo agents have a HIGHER net profit (as a percentage) too.

Maybe we’ll explore more on this topic next week.

Keep moving forward.

-Mike Cerrone
Master Mind Agent LLC

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Hope this helps.