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Solo Agent Strategy: Lead Generation

Lead Generation Strategy for Solo Agents.

Today we will talk about strategy.

When you are a solo agent

… you have to make every minute count.

Solo agents have POWER in their ability to adjust quickly to new market realities

… and capitalize on opportunities.

Think about a small row boat.  It can change direction in a matter of minutes (solo).

A big luxury cruise liner can change direction too, but it might take 10-20 times as long to make that same direction change (team).

Nimble works FOR solo agents

… when they focus on ONE niche

… you can master it faster

… and adjust to market fluctuation

… to serve that market.

However, for an unfocused agent

… this becomes a liability. 

If you keep turning the boat looking at all the different options

… you never move forward

… you just spin in circles.

For example, have you ever thought: 

– I want to work my sphere. 
– No wait.  FSBOs look cool.
– Wow!  Check out these Facebook leads.
– I didn’t know I can buy leads from Zillow.
– Open houses look fun.
– Maybe I should geographic farm.
– Spin.  Spin.  Spin.

It is okay to survey to market now and then.

But if you want to be a successful solo agent

… you need to focus one ONE niche

… and master it.

This is the HARDEST thing to do

… and the MOST profitable.

Once you COMMIT to ONE lead gen method

… you can IGNORE all the others

… dig deep into the unique challenges of this group

… talk to the prospects at a deeper level

… gain a stronger appreciation for their goals

… empathize with them

… talk their language

… and soon

… you become an EXPERT

… a master of this method

… and can provide solutions

… tailor made for this group.

You become the agent

… everyone in the group

… wants to work with.

You are able to

… build a WALL and a MOAT around your people

… as the competition wallows in indecision.

So the #1 strategy for solo agent lead generation is:

Pick ONE lead generation method … and master it.

Ignore all others … and you will be rewarded with abnormal profits.

Tomorrow, I will dig deeper into the strategy that super solo agents apply to lead generation.

Lesson two, done.

Keep moving forward.

-Mike Cerrone
Master Mind Agent LLC

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Hope this helps.