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  • 185 closings per year
  • $65 million sales volume

In this call, Andy talks about:

  • Joining forces with his wife to form a power sales duo
  • Splitting roles into sales and operations … and maintaining an even ratio as the team grew
  • Maxing out at 60 sales per year as a single field agent
  • Growing the team by hiring people who are looking for an opportunity not a paycheck
  • Goal of 100 applications per each position filled … and only hiring the top 1%
  • 85% of business is repeat & referral from past clients and sphere of influence
  • Massive success with the “33 Touch” referral program … including a full description of what to do and when to do it
  • How to send “items of value” in lumpy mail that establishes you as the creative agent who can find marketing solutions
  • Identifying the people in your database who are the “Income Determiners” and developing a special relationship with them
  • Hosting 4 parties and events per year to connect with your past clients and sphere of influence including: Pumpkin Patch, Easter Egg Hunt, and Derby Day
  • How to get people … who only want to work with the team leader … to work with your team members … and be happy about it
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more
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