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  • 140 closings per year
  • $32 million sales volume

In this call, Brian talks about:

  • Starting part time for the first few years
  • Going full time during the Great Recession, focusing on REO, and selling 65 to 100 homes per year without an assistant
  • Exiting REO when the banks cut commissions by 20% while asking for more agent resources and time … effectively eliminating the profit
  • Moving into traditional retail sales by focusing on internet leads
  • Expanding too fast and losing track of expenses
  • Grossing seven figures, but ending up with a negative profit margin
  • Tracking his profit and loss statement monthly
  • Reducing his dependence on internet leads as the cost of leads skyrocketed
  • Focusing on past clients and sphere of influence and describing his annual marketing plan
  • Building repeat and referrals up to 60% of his business … and returning to a healthy profit
  • Unique marketing idea to parents of little league sports that is resulting in 10-15 closings per year for only a few hundred dollars
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more
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