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  • 202 closings per year
  • $42 million sales volume

In this call, Luke talks about:

  • Selling 14 homes his first year
  • By his 5th year he was ranked the #1 Agent in America in units for Century 21
  • How he positioned himself to work with a few small investors who purchase one to two rental units per year
  • Specializing in the college student housing market
  • 50% of his business is working with investors who want to rent to students
  • 30% of his business is working with parents who want to purchase a property for their kids to live in while they attend college
  • How parents are offsetting college costs by owning the rental their kid’s live in
  • Why he uses simple proformas that explain the benefits of the investment without over complicating the financials and focusing on the projected cash-on-cash return
  • Teaming up with a developer to build a student housing master planned community called The Barracks
  • Starting a property management company with 10 employees to service student rentals and their unique 51 week terms
  • Where to find the investors
  • How to attract the students with on-campus and on-site events
  • Why millennials are willing to spend heavily on experiences … and using that concept in your marketing
  • Luke’s impressive personal portfolio of rental units and commercial properties
  • How Luke defines a good investment and why most investors don’t like it
  • Team dynamics, profit margins and more
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