Online Summit – Spring 2013


  • Marketing and lead generation
  • Referrals from your past clients and sphere
  • Expired listing campaign that works
  • Internet lead generation and conversion
  • Postcard marketing for listings
  • Multiple sales by representing investors
  • Client appreciation parties
  • Lead conversion improvement
  • Inside sales agent or lead coordinator
  • In-office listing appointments
  • Mental game for winning
  • Business planning for success
  • Flipping homes for profit
  • Valuing and selling your practice


You can listen to “gurus” who sold homes 20 years ago (or never at all). Or you can join the Online Summit and listen to the world’s top real estate agents who are selling homes “right now” in today’s market and earning six and seven figure incomes.

Studies show your income and success is a composite of the people you hang out with on a regular basis. Why not join the top agents at the Online Summit, rub elbows with the best & the brightest, and raise your knowledge, income, and success at the same time.

How would you like to sell 406 homes, worth $81 million and earn $2 million in commissions?

That is the average production of the speakers at the Online Summit. The 12 speaker are giants in the industry. In their single best year, they sold a combined 4,873 homes worth 980 million dollars and earned an estimated $24.5 million in commissions. In other words, the average speaker sold 406 homes, worth 81 million dollars and earned an estimated $2 million per year.

Do you think you could learn something from these speakers? Me too. Luckily for us, they are willing to share.


This live, 4-day, training event will be totally online. You don’t have to spend money for airfare, car rental, hotel, and over-priced meals. You can watch from any computer or device that has high-speed internet service. Watch from your office. Watch from home. Watch from the road. It’s like watching a webinar…only better. It’s 12 high-impact, practical, step-by-step real estate training sessions on one ticket.


This is LIVE training. The top agents are going to show you step-by-step what they are doing to achieve greatness. You’ll learn in an interactive environment where you can ask questions, clarify points, and get details. At the end of each training session, there will be a live Q & A where you can interact with the best and the brightest agents in the world today.


Don’t worry if you can’t make a session live. Every session will be recorded. You can play back the session anytime you need help or want to learn the topic. You will have lifetime access to the video recordings, audio recordings, and presentation slides.


Monday, March 11th


Do you have the 7 common characteristics that top agents share?

Mike Cerrone – host of SUCCESS CALLS on the Master Mind Agent network. Mike has the honor of networking with the top agents in the nation and sharing their success tips, ideas, and advice with aspiring agents.


How to connect with your past clients, build life-long relationships, and generate massive repeat & referral business with client appreciation parties.

John Jones – sold 362 homes worth $72 million in his best year. John has been an agent for 19 years. Last year, 65% of his business was from referrals.


How I listed 14 expireds in 30 days. The 6 MUST know secrets to getting expired listings.

Wayne Turner – sold 286 homes worth $51 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 16 years. Wayne relocated to another state and quickly built his business with expired listings.


Flipping for profit. How you can find money, buy, fix, rehab, sell, and manage a flipping business.

Brett Tanner – sold 667 homes worth $65 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 7 years. Brett flipped 55 homes this year in his own portfolio using his profitable system.

Tuesday, March 12th


How to generate and convert internet leads into customers for life.

Mitch Ribak – sold 329 homes worth $47 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 11 years. Mitch built his successful business almost exclusively from internet leads.


The correct viewpoint to succeed. Your success is not determined by the market…it’s determined by your mindset.

Russell Shaw – sold 405 homes worth $104 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 34 years. Russell was an “ordinary” agent selling about 20 homes per year for the first 12 years of his career. Then he discovered the secret that changed everything.


How to increase your lead conversion by up to 400% and then leverage your productivity with an inside sales agent or lead coordinator.

Don Wenner – sold 394 homes worth $81 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 6 years. Don is constantly testing and perfecting his systems in order to optimize performace.

Wednesday, March 13th


Multi-Transactional Clients. How to generate multiple sales by representing investors.

Leo Pareja – sold 603 homes worth $118 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 9 years. Leo prefers to work with a few clients who buy & sell multiple properties per year.


Breakthrough Mindset! Change your thinking … Change your life!

Chad Goldwasser – sold 543 homes worth $123 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 14 years. Chad success stems from his ability to focus his mind.


How to set listing appointments in your office and get hired BEFORE you set a price or even look at the property.

Steve Cohen – sold 106 homes worth $26 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 23 years. With Steve’s system, all sellers meet in his office and 85% hire him on the spot.

Thursday, March 14th


Business planning and knowing your numbers. It’s not what you make…it’s what you keep. How to get and stay profitable.

Shane White – sold 207 homes worth $36 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 12 years. By tracking his numbers, Shane has been able to achieve a 65% net profit margin.


Would you pay $147 in advertising to generate 1 new listing? Learn how I list 3 homes for every 2,000 postcards I mail for 22 cents each.

Joshua Smith – sold 463 homes worth $49 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 6 years. Joshua is opening up new markets by mailing cheap postcards.


How to value and sell your real estate practice. It might be worth more than you think.

Pat Hiban – sold 508 homes worth $208 million in his best year. He has been an agent for 24 years. Pat built a hugely successful practice. Then sold it for a bundle.


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