REO Agent Interviews – Top 10 Pack

These REO agents average 462 homes sold per year, worth $59 million, and $1.7 million commissions.

REO Agent Interviews – Top 10 Pack

Ten top REO agents share their business secrets, strategies and systems in these up-close and personal interviews.

Is it too late to get into REO?

Ask Jeremy Chubb.  He’s a 22 year old real estate agent.  He wanted to get into REO.  The established agents told him it was too late.  All the REO accounts were locked up.  Luckily, Jeremy didn’t listen.  Instead, he went for it.  In 2010, he sold 19 homes.  In 2011, he sold 213 homes.  Jeremy likes selling 213 homes better.

I just read that 4 million homes have been foreclosed since the recession started in 2007 (five years ago).  Another 6 million homeowners are still under water and owe more on their home than it is worth.  Some experts predict anywhere from 5 to 10 more years of strong REO sales.  Who knows for sure?  But if you are interested in learning more about REO, why not learn from the best?

I’ve interviewed ten of the top REO agents in the nation.  Amazingly, they are very open and told me exactly what they did and what they are doing now.  These REO agents average 462 homes sold per year, worth $59 million, and $1.7 million commissions.

Here are just a few of the questions I asked and they answered:

  • How did you get your first account?
  • How did you find the asset managers?
  • Did you use a contact list?  Where did you get it?
  • Are purchased list worth the cost or a scam?
  • How should you approach an asset manager or bank?
  • What approach worked best for you?  What failed?
  • Should you send a resume?  What should be on it?
  • What should you say to an asset manager?  The first time?  In the follow up?
  • What mistakes do rookie agents make when talking to an asset manager?
  • Should you call, email, snail mail, or visit the asset manager?
  • What do you say when you call?
  • What would you mail?
  • How do you set up a face-to-face?  What do you present?
  • Can you share a sample prospecting email? Resume?
  • Did you start by doing BPOs (broker price opinions)?
  • Is it worth your time to do BPOs?
  • How did you learn how to do BPOs properly?
  • How did you educate yourself on the REO industry?
  • Are designations and certifications worth the price?
  • Did you take any classes?  Which ones?
  • Is it worth it to go to a conference?
  • Did you have a REO mentor or coach?  Who?
  • If you had to start over, how would you start today?
  • How is REO different from traditional sales?
  • Once you get the approved by the asset manager, what happens next?
  • Is there an application process or do you just start getting listings?
  • Do you sign a listing for each property or is there a master listing agreement?
  • What exactly do banks and asset managers want you to do?
  • How much do banks and asset managers pay?
  • Are the commissions the same, higher or lower than normal listings?
  • Do you get all the commission or do you have to share or pay referral fees?
  • How do you secure a foreclosure property?
  • When do you get involved?
  • Do you have to evict residents?
  • What is cash-for-keys?  How much do you offer?
  • Do homeowners usually take the cash or fight?
  • How do you handle tenants in rental property foreclosures?
  • Do banks usually sell the property “as-is” or do they make repairs?
  • Why would the bank fix up a property?
  • Do you prepare repair bids?
  • Do you have to oversee construction and repairs?
  • How do you find reliable contractors?
  • How does the bidding process work?
  • Can you hire your cousin?
  • How do you advertise the property?
  • Do you make any special discosures to the buyer or buyer’s agent?
  • Do you price the home above, below or at market?
  • What kind of discount will the bank accept?
  • How do you handle multiple offers?
  • Do you have any tips for agent who are presenting an offer on an REO?
  • How long is the bid process?
  • What are banks looking for in an acceptable offer?
  • Who signs the contract?
  • Do buyers get an inspection?
  • Do banks every make repairs based on the inspection?
  • Who attends the closing?
  • How do you get more business after the sale?
  • Do you have to front a lot of money on each listing?
  • If yes, what is the average amount?
  • How do you get your money back?
  • What documentation do you have to give to the bank?
  • How long do banks take to reimburse you?
  • Have you ever been stifted by a bank?
  • Are there banks that do not require the agent to put up any money?
  • How do you find them these banks?
  • How should you market an REO listing?
  • Who decides how the home will be marketed, you or the bank?
  • What software do you use to track?
  • Do you need a team to do this work?
  • Who should you hire first? Second? Third?
  • How do you pay the staff?
  • Can you find people to work for free?
  • How do you arrange your office?
  • Do you ever co-list a REO property?  How did that work?
  • Will the banks let you buy your own listings?
  • Can you really make money in REO?
  • Are you profitable?
  • What is your net profit margin?
  • How is the industry changing?
  • And more…

Here are the 10 top REO agents I interviewed: 

  • Leo Pareja
  • 603 closings
  • $118 million
  • 1 hour & 43 minutes
  • #1 agent worldwide Keller Williams Realty 2010
  • Leo will walk you through the entire REO process including:  getting your first account, performing BPOs (broker price opinion), securing the property, cash for keys, repairs, reimbursements, counseling, marketing, negotiating, tracking, communicating, closing, funding, software, personnel, time lines, getting paid, and more.
  • Tyler Smith
  • 171 closings
  • $32 million
  • 1 hour & 49 minutes
  • Top 50 agents nationally Keller Williams Realty 2010
  • Tyler will share how he broke into REO, adds new asset managers, and maintains relationships with frequent contact and face-to-face meetings.
  • Carin Nguyen
  • 896 closings
  • $78 million
  • 1 hour & 29 minutes
  • Carin prefers to list homes for government entities including:  HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.  The volume is huge, the agent puts up less cash, and the commissions are big.  The model has been so successful, she was able to start her own brokerage.
  • Mike Phillips
  • 1,268 closings
  • $35 million
  • 1 hour & 32 minutes
  • #1 agent USA by Wall Street Journal / Real Trends 2010
  • Mike works as an exclusive seller’s agent.  He does NOT work with buyers.  This gives him a competitive advantage when talking to banks about hiring him.  He is assisted by a loose group of “volunteer” inner-circle agents who work for free in exchange for knowledge and access to the REO market.
  • Tom Rubens
  • 317 closings
  • $21 million
  • 1 hour & 29 minutes
  • Tom is a serial entrepreneur.  He co-owned minor league basketball and baseball teams before entering real estate.  Interestingly, he has never sold a traditional listing.  He has been an REO agent from day one.  Tom will discuss how he broke into REO and grew it fast. He was so successful he started selling REO in a second city hundreds of miles away from his home town.
  • Krista Mashore
  • 107 closings
  • $22 million
  • 1 hour & 22 minutes
  • Krista was a school teacher making $40k per year.  In her first year, she sold 69 homes and made $430k.  Krista is a strong believer in education.  She will tell you how she educated herself and developed a thriving REO business.
  • Jeremy Chubb
  • 213 closings
  • $19 million
  • 51 minutes
  • Jeremy may be young at 22, but he learns quick.  In 2010, he sold 19 homes.  In 2011, he sold 213 homes.  The established agents told Jeremy he was too late for REO.  But he did not listen.  Instead, Jeremy jumped into REO and quickly developed a thriving business.
  • Pat Hiban
  • 209 closings
  • $63 million
  • 1 hour & 27 minutes
  • Billion Dollar Agent – over 5,000 career homes sold
  • Pat has been selling homes for 24 years.  As a traditional agent, he sold 500+ homes per year for 3 years in a row.  When the recession hit and the market changed, he quickly adapted.  How?  By finding a mentor.  Pat explains what he did, the advice he received, and how he implemented it to set up over 40 bank relationships and over 300 listing assignments in 18 months.
  • Mark Delgado
  • 92 closings
  • $17 million
  • 1 hour & 48 minutes
  • Mark is a solo agent.  He operates all by himself with no team.  Yet he has been able to produce some impressive numbers.  Asset mangers love Mark’s personal service and attention to detail.  Mark loves his super high profit margin.
  • Joshua Smtih
  • 463 closings
  • $49 million
  • 1 hour & 43 minutes
  • Joshua built a successful REO business with his business partner, his dad.  Joshua started as a traditional agent.  He was slow to change and get into REO.  Although he had a late start, he made the best of it.  Joshua shares the website that lead to half of his REO business.

Ok, Mike.  I’m impressed.  But what’s this going to cost me?

10 Top REO Agent Interviews Value:

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Plus, I am going to improve the offer even more.

Bonus Interview with Chantel Ray.

When you buy today, I will also include the interview with powerhouse REO agent, Chantel Ray.

  • Chantel Ray
  • 810 closings
  • $94 million
  • 1 hour & 30 minutes
  • Chantel is a force of nature.  She knows what she is good at, leading a team.  She has been able to predict the next shift in the market and get in front of it.  Chantel shares how she got into REO and where she sees the market going.

That makes 11 Top REO Agent interview for only $59.95.

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