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Need help with your real estate agent career? Maybe these tools can help.

Success Calls

Top agents share their success tips, ideas, and advice in up-close and personal conversations. Why re-invent the wheel? Just copy the top agents. Model their systems and watch you production skyrocket. Topics include: lead generation, conversion, team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, wealth building, and more. Top agents talk about HOW they are selling up to 100, 200, 300, and even 500 homes per year. Each call is recorded, edited, and released on the 7th and 21st of each month. You can listen online or download the mp3 and listen on your device. You’ll receive two (2) new calls per month plus access to all past calls in the Call Library.

Click HERE to learn more about Success Calls. is the “Netflix” of Real Estate Agent Lead Generation … a huge database of proven lead generation training videos. One new training video is added every week. Plus a community of agents who want to master lead generation … and share what is working (and not) in their markets. Consistent Lead Flow Equals Consistent Cash Flow. Find out what the excitement is all about.

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Agent Success Summit

Top national real estate trainers present their best ideas for growing and developing your real estate career. Hear from the best trainers in the nation. Past presenters include: Mike Ferry, Bob Corcoran, David Knox, Terri Murphy, Pat Zaby, Dave Jenks, Jackie Leavenworth, Amy Stoehr, Jay Kinder, Matt Jones, Linda McLean, Danny Griffin, Dave Beson, Hoss Pratt, Michel J Maher, Raejean Christopher, Travis Robertson, Stacey Harmon, Verl Workman, Carin Nguyen, Bubba Mills, Joeann Fossland, Joe Meyer, Don Wenner, Brent Gove, Mike Parker, Christy Crouch, Dean Jackson, Rich Levin, Michael Krisa, Denise Lones, Pat Hiban, Gee Dunsten, Lars Hedenborg, Chris Bird, and many more.

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Agent Lead Generation Summit

17 top agents answered this question in detail: “What is your #1 BEST lead generation method in today’s market?” Watch over their shoulder and see their computer screen as each top agent shares exactly HOW they generate dozens (even hundreds) of high-quality leads each month. Topics include: repeat and referral, past clients, sphere of influence, Facebook ads, client parties, internet leads, geographic farming, phone call prospecting, mega open house events, stealth sites, radio ads, pay-per-click ads, SEO websites, and lead conversion management.

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Agent B-Plan Summit

Do you need a business plan designed exclusively for your real estate practice? At the summit, you’ll get a 1-page business plan template. Enter a few figures and the template crunches all the numbers and presents you with your personal 1-page plan. You’ll also see plans to close 25, 50, and 100 homes per year. Plus, see inside eight (8) top agent business plans. See plans to generate high 6 and 7 figure results (six of the plans share how to earn a million dollars per year in GCI).

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Mega Open House System Course

Traditional open houses do NOT work. The low traffic (2-3 people) and long hours are often a total waste of time. BUT when you promote your open house and turn it into a MEGA Open House, it can be very profitable. Imagine 20, 30, 40, 50, even 100 people coming through your mega open house. Imagine meeting dozens of high quality, motivated, home buyers (and sellers) in just a few hours. Most agents are averaging 1 closing per mega open house. Learn how to find a new client this weekend and close in 30 days or less … for almost zero cost.

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