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How would you like to sell 417 homes per year worth $56 million and earn $1.3 million in commissions? What would your life be like?

Those numbers are the average production of the top agents speaking on SUCCESS CALLS this year. So far, I’ve talked to 15 top agents who sold 6,248 homes worth $834 million and earned an estimated $20.8 million in commissions in a single year.
Do you think you could learn something from these agents?
Get real-life solutions to real-life problems from top real estate agents who are making it happen everyday. Discover leading-edge, actionable, step-by-step solutions used by today’s top agents to add closings, revenues, and profits to their businesses.
It’s all inside SUCCESS CALLS…


What makes a top agent successful?

How can they sell 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and even 1,000 homes in a single year?

What do they do to close $10 million, $30, million, $50 million, $100 million, and even $200 million in sales volume year after year?

How do they earn $300 thousand, $500 thousand, $1 million, $3 million, and even $5 million in commissions?

What is their secret?

How are they marketing? Where do the leads come from? How do they convert the leads? What do they say? Which systems do they use? What software? Do they have teams? Who does what? How do they manage their time? Do they ever see their family? Do they ever get a vacation? Are they profitable? What motivates them? Why are they different? How do they rise up and win? What advice do they have for aspiring agents?

Can anyone succeed in real estate?

These are just a few of the questions I ask the top agents in SUCCESS CALLS.

Amazingly, I get candid answers. The top agents open up and share what is working in today’s market…in real time.

Top agents share their success tips, ideas, and advice.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Then listen to the top agents, model their systems, and hold on tight. It’s going to get exciting.

Why re-invent the wheel?

Join SUCCESS CALLS today and speed up your learning curve…

Here’s what you’ll get: Monthly Pass 2012 Pass
2 Most Recent SUCCESS CALLS – Top real estate agents share their success secrets, strategies, and systems in up-close and personal recorded conversations. You can listen online or download the mp3 and listen on your iPod.
2 New SUCCESS CALLS Each Month – Calls are released twice a month on the 7th and 21st. You’ll get fresh tips, ideas, and advice to take you to the next level.
My Resources – This is a member only download area with all of the helpful resources the top agents have given to help you succeed. There are sample advertisements, magazines, directories, postcards, websites, blogs, emails, resumes, checklist, forms, scripts, pictures, videos, links, and more. You’re welcome to incorporate these ideas into your business.
2012 Call Library– You get ALL 24 SUCCESS CALLS in 2012, including:

  • Jan 7 – Pat Hiban – 508 closings. $208 million.
  • Jan 21 – Mark Delgado – 92 closings. $16.9 million.
  • Feb 7 – Doug & Kirsten Hill – 138 close. $23 million.
  • Feb 21 – Joshua Smith – 416 closings. $42 million.
  • Mar 7 – Chantel Ray – 810 closings. $94 million.
  • Mar 21 – Lindsay Sanger – 166 closings. $13 million.
  • Apr 7 – Michael Balsitis – 411 closings. $22 million.
  • Apr 21 – Ellen Brewood – 423 closings. $30 million.
  • May 7 – Don Wenner – 394 closings. $81 million.
  • May 21 – Ellen Mitchel – 167 closings. $18 million.
  • Jun 7 – Russell Shaw – 403 closings. $55 million.
  • Jun 21 – Raquel Quinet – 253 closings. $27 million.
  • Jul 7 – Wayne Turner – 286 closings. $51 million.
  • July 21 – Mary Berry – 1,087 closings. $81 million.
  • Aug 7 – Brett Tanner – 667 closings. $65 million.
  • Aug 21 – Mark Shandrow – 112 closings. $24 million.
  • Sep 7 – Sam Miller – 203 closings.
  • Sep 21 – Joe Martin – 461 closings. $49 million.
  • Oct 7 – Kenny Klaus – 573 closings. $57 million.
  • Oct 21 – Buddy Blake – 268 closings. $46 million.
  • Nov 7 – Rhyan Finch – 552 closings. $76 million.
  • Nov 21 – TBD
  • Dec 7 – TBD
  • Dec 21 – TBD
Bonus 1 – 2011 Call Library– You get ALL 24 SUCCESS CALLS in 2011, including:

  • Leo Pareja – 603 closings. $118 million.
  • John Morley – 69 closings. $13.9 million.
  • McDaniel-Callahan – 54 close. $77 million.
  • Brandon Hunt – 52 closings. $11.7 million.
  • Tyler Smith – 171 closings. $32 million.
  • Teresa Staiano – 44 closings. $7.9 million.
  • Daniel Del Real – 196 close. $25 million.
  • Kate Hamlin – 29 closings. $5.0 million.
  • Chad Goldwasswer – 543 close.$123million.
  • Spring Bengtzen – 47 closings. $11.3 million.
  • Jana Caudill – 444 closings. $93 million.
  • Mike Muren – 33 closings. $7.6 million.
  • Jose Medina – 155 closings. $21 million.
  • Christina Valkanoff – 37 close. $7.0 million.
  • Carin Nguyen – 896 closings. $78 million.
  • Angie VanEman – 42 closings. $8.5 million.
  • Mike Phillips – 1,268 closings. $35 million.
  • Wayne Salmans – 92 closings. $16 million.
  • Rob Levy – 92 closings. $34 million.
  • Stephanie Gasparovic – 57 close $10 million.
  • Tom Rubens – 317 closings. $21 million.
  • Andy Mulholland – 44 closings. $6.1 million.
  • Krista Mashore – 107 closings. $22 million.
  • Jeremy Chubb – 213 closings. $19 million.
Bonus 2 – 101 Ways to a Six Figure Income as a Real Estate Agent Toolkit– ($197.00 value) A complete marketing system that shows you “How to get more clients in a month than you now get all year.” Digital product includes: 471 page system manual, 527 sample ads, and 3 hours of audio instruction.
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Cancel Anytime Guarantee. If at anytime you are not happy with SUCCESS CALLS, simply cancel and the relationship is over. Fast. Clean. No questions asked. You pay nothing more. You can either email me a cancellation notice or terminate directly within your PayPal account. Either way, the cancellation will be effective that day. Of course, I think you’ll love the calls and will benefit greatly. But always remember, you’re in control.

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Still on the fence? Here’s what agents are saying about SUCCESS CALLS…

Agents speak out…

“I was tickled to find your site and have already listened to a couple of the calls. Great stuff! I had listened to StarPower® for years and was a actually interviewed myself in 2005. I forgot how much these sessions inspired me. I like your format even better. If I can ever help you in anyway, do not hesitate to call. Thanks.” – John Jones

“Great info, Mike. I’m enjoying the insights from your calls. I was a StarPower® Star years ago and love listening to this level of information. Thanks.” – Monte Mohr

“Really enjoying these calls. I always stay motivated, no matter the market…but these calls give the extra boost. I was a StarPower® junkie before and needed something to fill the void. Thanks.” -Kale Hassan

“I’m glad that someone has stepped up with a platform like yours to interview top agents. 🙂 I was a big fan of Howard Brinton and a member of StarPower® almost from the beginning. I was sad that Alex couldn’t continue the legacy of Howard. Keep up the good work Mike! “ -Mitch Muller

“I have always missed Howard Brinton and Marshall Redder since they both went “off the air” and am really glad you have stepped in to fill the void. Keep up the good work.” -Bruce Theobald

“I am loving all of the content and taking notes. Hopefully one day, I will be a successful agent and can offer tips of my own. Your listening skills are amazing. Is anything scripted? You sound so great and ask all of the questions that I want to ask. Plus you really LISTEN and PROBE. It is great.” – Jan Carlisle

“I love your stuff! I downloaded it on my S3 and listen to them all the time! LOL, I love your questions too, you are NOT shy to ask the right questions! You get the agents to get really really honest, great job bro! I need to start taking notes!” – Ali Leb

“I am enjoying listening to the Master Mind Agent recordings. I’ve listened to two of them so far, one twice…Krista Mashore & Kenny Klaus. I’ve listened to Krista Mashore twice because her strategies is something I would like to implement in my business. I’m currently putting my plan together to getting going on my quest to become a top agent. Thank you for your help. I will succeed because of this valuable information.”  -Sheldon Woodson

“The calls have been so VERY helpful. I am just amazed at the level of details provided. Today I was listening and it was so very informative. I feel so blessed to have found the Master Mind Agent website. As a new agent in the business, I attribute it and the calls for shaving years off of my learning curve! Thanks again for sharing!” – Monica Williams

“I LOVE this site and the calls. Thank you again.” – Steve Warrene

“There are so many sites on the Internet claiming to provide information which will help boost Real Estate Agents (Realtors®) to success…One thing that stands out to me the most is the personalized response to my queries and feeling that I am actually connected to a ‘real’ person. No ‘Hype’ … just real day to day insight on how to really get ahead. You are on a winner here Mike. I have gained ideas from the calls I have listened to on your site and I’m sure many more agents will benefit from your calls. Thank you.” – Geri Welsford

“Really enjoying these calls. I always stay motivated, no matter the market…but these calls give the extra boost. Thanks.” -Kale Hassan

Thank you! This was a wonderful call, so helpful.” -Connie Medeiros

“I’ve been busy using the information and tips from the calls that I listened to. : ) Thank you.” -Lyndee Mayes

“I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed listening to these successful agents. I’m always picking up something from one of them. Thanks.” – Shawna Frazier

“I have listened to 4 of the calls. Pretty good stuff.” – Martin Zawarski

“You’ve got a nice little business. Good content and good value. I’ve got a neat way to listen to them rapidly with my android phone at 2x normal speed (no loss of comprehension). Best of success going forward!” – Mark Stewart

“Great site and great idea! Keep up the good work.” – Keith Bennett

“Good call! Lots of great ideas to try. I will be working on this today. Thanks!” -Doris Duhamel-Labbe

“Very informative. Thank you so much for doing this. It’s a great resource.” – Connie Medeiros

“It sure is a great site.” – Dr John M Vos

“I am thrilled to listen. Love all the calls. Thank you for your product!” – Kevin Duffy

“Great site. The duration of the calls and depth of information shared I found to be extremely helpful. Keep up the good work!” – Daniel Vasquez

“Wow! It was like she was sitting in my living room telling me exactly how she did it as though I was her family.” – Vicki Gonzales

LOVE THE PRODUCT! I have already used some of the things from the agents.” – Rico Glover

“I loved it, wow that guy is amazing…… I really cannot believe he did all that at such a young age. Nice call and thanks, I received alot of information.” – Jennifer Napier

“Excellent, great ideas that I can implement right away. Great calls. Very valuable. Thanks for this service.” – Antonio Atoche

Still not sure what to do? Ask yourself…

What would a top agent do?

Top agents speak out about the value of modeling top agents…

(To listen, click on the “arrow” under the top agent’s picture.)

“I don’t claim to be smarter, better or more successful than other people. I find people who are doing what I want to do and I model them. I truly don’t believe I need to reinvent anything. I need to go find people who are doing it at a very high level and emulate them…”Leo Pareja, #1 Agent Worldwide Keller Williams Realty with 603 closings worth $118 million
“My first year I closed 69 transactions…I went from making $40k as a teacher to making $430k…I educated myself…I followed other people in the industry who were successful and tried to emulate them…Why reinvent the wheel? Take it from somebody who’s doing a great job and copy them…There’s nothing wrong with that. Just saving yourself some time and money…”Krista Mashore, 107 closings
“I get more information from other Realtors than I get from anywhere else…The only advice I take is from other successful Realtors…As far as I’m concerned that is the only way to really grow massively in the real estate business is through emulating and listening to what other successful Realtors are doing..”Pat Hiban, Billion Dollar Agent, sold over 5,000 homes worth over $1 billion during career
“I think, if you’re not inspired by the things you hear on the recordings, you’re crazy. I don’t know where people get their motivation from if not from other people. The stories, the passion, the drama, all of that is right here. If you don’t understand this marketplace, listen to the things on this website and you’re going to have motivation and a game plan…”Mike Phillips, #1 Agent USA in The Wall Street Journal / Real Trends Report with 1,268 closings
“One of the reasons I actually ended up choosing to be a residential Realtor® is because I got a hold of these interviews, much like your doing now, where I was listening to top agents around the country … I was thinking to myself, ‘They’re not any smarter than me. If they can do it, I can do it.'”John Morley (on track to close 100 homes this year)
“I had a fast start…because I listened to top performing agents…similar to what you are doing for people, Mike, interviewing top agents around the country regardless of their affiliation with their companies…it shortened my learning curve…I did the things that worked….”Jana Caudill, #1 Agent in Northwest Indiana with 444 closings worth $93 million
“Great job on the website…invest in yourself…go buy a book…go subscribe to this website that gives you these insights…it’s valuable…your interviewing a lot of high-end agents…I’m going to go through them…maybe that will be my edge…I think it’s great…I think there’s a lot of things of value…”Daniel Del Real, #1 Agent in Modesto, California with 196 closings
“…If people listen to these interviews and they actually implement what these top agents are doing, it’s a recipe for success…I don’t know of any other industry that does something like this where the top people across the United States get together and share that type of information. It’s very important and if you just do it, you’ll be successful.”Jose Medina, #1 Agent in Stark County, Ohio with 155 closings
” I don’t consider myself a hugely smart person. I didn’t go to college. But I can learn from what other people are doing, adapt, and use that myself…I say, “What a great idea! How can I apply that to my market?“…Some say, “That’ll never work in my market.” And I think the successful agents say, “How can that work in my market?” And that’s the difference…”Rob Levy, #1 Prudential Agent in Portland, Oregon with $34 million in sales
” Top agents from around the country discussed their business models…How they go about earning business and how they’ve become successful…There are certain core elements that I think as you listen to multiple interviews that you can identify across the board and that will give you the strengh to take those and run with them and apply them for your own business.”Mark Delgado, sold 92 homes working as a single agent with no team.


What would a top agent do?


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