Daily Archives: July 25, 2012

I am a part time real estate agent with kids. Can part time agents do well?

The reality is this…most agents are only working part time.

It is not how many hours per week you work, but what you do with those hours.

My most successful buyer agent worked “part-time” (without my knowledge).  She was watching her kids all day.  This should have been a recipe for disaster.  But it worked because…

She made all of her follow-up calls every day (from home).  She immediately responded to all the leads I gave her.  I mean immediately.  She was very aggressive about calling and setting showing appointments.  It paid off big time…

She closed 6-9 transactions per month…working part time.

She is unusual and exceptional.

The key was this:  She did not mess around with time wasting activities.  She did what makes the most money…she talked to leads and converted them to clients.  She worked the calls around her family obligations.  She was aggressive in this pursuit.

Good luck!