About Us

Who is Mike Cerrone?

Why is he making these calls?

Hi. I’m Mike Cerrone. I’ve been a real estate agent in Colorado for over 20 years. People ask me all the time why am I making these calls. The answer is simple. It works! Here is my story.

In 1993, I got my real estate license. I finished real estate school and knew how to fill out a contract. But I did not know how to make money. For the first 18 months, I starved. I worked hard, closed 12 transactions, lived in a small 400 square foot rental apartment, and ate Top Ramen…lots of Top Ramen. I was ready to give up and quit.

Then a veteran agent handed me a cassette tape (I just dated myself) and told me to listen. It was a recorded conversation with a top agent. Wow! It opened my eyes to a whole new world. I wanted more. So I contacted the production company and joined their tape of the month club. It was awesome. I liked it so much I bought all the prior cassettes too. I listened in my car, at the office, even while working out.

I became excited about the business again. I realized all the things I was doing wrong…and how to do things the right way. I started taking action based on the tips, ideas, and advice on the tapes. Pretty soon things were looking up.

My production jumped to 20 closings per year, then 41, then 95, and then 113. That year I was ranked by the National Association of Realtors Magazine in the Top 300 Residential Salespeople (#263) in the nation. It was awesome. I went on to build a real estate brokerage and a mortgage brokerage.

The man who hosted the incredible conversations retired. I can attribute so much of my success to those talks. He helped thousands of aspiring agents…and I was one of them. So I decided to give back and “pay-it-forward.” I picked up the baton and started calling top agents so that future aspiring agents can learn the top agent success secrets, strategies, and systems.

After talking with top agents, I can tell you this. These people are amazing. They are knowledgeable, caring, talented, and thirsty to learn more. Best of all, they want to give back. Many of them learned from prior top agents (just like I did). When they talk, they don’t hold anything back. They tell you exactly what they did to make it to the top…even the problems and setbacks they faced and how they dealt with them.

I invite you to go with me on this journey of discovery to look inside the businesses and the mindsets of the people who have made it to the top of our profession. I hope you’ll join me on SUCCESS CALLS.

Mike Cerrone