SC225: Monica Angeles. Solo Agent Sold 162 Homes In One Year In A Small Rural Market. She Doubled Ended Half Her Transactions. 1 in 4.3 Past Clients Sent Her A Closed Referral.

In this call, Monica talks about:

  • Life before real estate as a stay-at-home mom.
  • Early years and her slow start.
  • Why she almost quit and the decision she made that changed everything.
  • How she sold 162 homes in one year as a solo agent with one part time assistant.
  • The month that she had 38 pending closings.
  • Definition of a system and why she believes you should “only have a problem once”.
  • Structuring her calendar with single purpose tasks for each day of the week.
  • Her 3 majors for each day.
  • Why small community agents can post big numbers just like the big city agents.
  • How she received 1 closing from every 4.3 people in her PCSOI database … a 23% Referral Productivity Percentage.
  • Her Annual Marketing Plan to her past clients that resulted in 81 closings last year.
  • Her easy going Tag On Referral Script you can add to the end of any conversation.
  • Community Networking Referrals.
  • Internet Leads and the two questions you want to ask when you first talk.
  • Hot Buyer List Strategy and her follow up system that results in 25% of her qualified internet leads closing.
  • How she Double Ended (worked with both buyer and seller on same closing) half of her transactions last year.
  • Taking 4 vacations per year for 7 to 10 days each.
  • Profit margins, advice, and more.

Monica Angeles SUCCESS CALL …

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Monica Angeles is with Jones Heritage Realtors in Pittsburg, Kansas. Last year, she closed 162 transactions with a total sales volume of 20 million and earned 614 thousand in GCI. Her average sales price was 126 thousand of which 42% were buyers and 58% were sellers.

Monica is a solo agent with One part time assistant. She has been an agent for 14 years.


2021 Stats:

  • 162 closings
  • 20 million sales volume
  • solo agent with one part time assistant (solo with a sidekick)


    • internet leads
  • community networking
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence