Do text message sign riders work for real estate agents?

Real estate agents place a rider on top of the for sale sign with an offer “For home price and details, text this number.”  Then a text will come back with all the details.

The advantage of text reply sign riders is this…you get their mobile/cell number.  Now you can follow up with a call AND a text message.  You know the caller’s phone number and the home they are interested in…immediately by email/text notification.

You have a hot (at least warm) lead sitting in front of one of your listings searching for more info.  You (or your buyer agent) can call immediately and convert the buyer (may also be a seller).  Plus, you can now show your seller PROOF that you are generating interest in their home.

This is a great idea.  People have gone TEXT crazy.  So give them what they want…and get what you want in exchange.

Beats the snot out of letting these people walk away with a paper flyer that they lose.

Many of the top agents are using this technology. It is simpler/faster than designing a flyer or even recording the old IVR scripts.

Be sure to follow up ASAP.  Most top agents agree 5-15 minutes is ideal.  Any longer and the trail grows cold…fast.

Good luck!