ELITE Call 110612

These 7 top real estate agents sold 3,588 homes in a single year worth $479 million and earned an estimated $13 million in commissions.

They share their success, challenges, and solutions in this…

ELITE Master Mind Agent Call 100212

This is a rare glimpse into a “high-end”master mind call held on October 2, 2012. These agents talk about success, challenge, and solutions top agents face on a daily basis. They came together to pull their knowledge and master mind for the greater good of the group. You can eavesdrop in on their conversation and learn vicariously through the best agents in the nation.

Major Topics:

  • how to get your own agent branded iPhone app for real estate searches
  • putting on 3 “neighbor only” open houses and getting 4 listing appointments
  • taking 6 weeks off while your business runs on record-breaking auto-pilot (closing 50 homes per month)
  • paying buyer agents a salary and making more profit
  • moving to the #1 ranking on Google organic searches
  • pros and cons of “sub-teams” within your team structure
  • team member “draws” for VIP assistants
  • motivating your team during hyper-growth
  • doubling your sales with only 50% more staff
  • getting your team agents into the office more often
  • when is the right time to bring in a lead coordinator
  • getting more listing appointments
  • moving trucks for branding and call-to-actions
  • guaranteed sale program without the risk of purchasing the home
  • getting 15% of your past clients to refer you business every year




Download FULL     Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

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Mike Cerrone, Master Mind Agent, Moderator

Carin Nguyen. Real AZtate. Goodyear, Arizona. Best Year: 2011 – 896 homes sold – $78 million sales volume. Niche: REO, HUD, past clients. MMA Bio: Carin Nguyen

Chad Goldwasser. Goldwasser Real Estate. Austin, Texas. Best Year: 2008 – 543 homes sold – $123 million sales volume. Niche: geographic farming, SOI, past client, referral, 1st time buyer, REO, expired. MMA Bio: Chad Goldwasser

Chantel Ray. Chantel Ray Real Estate. Virginia Beach, Virginia. Best Year: 2011 – 810 homes sold – $94 million sales volume. Niche: REO, short-sale, radio, past client, referral, 1st time buyer. MMA Bio: Chantel Ray

Daniel Del Real. PMZ Modesto, California. Best Year: 2010 – 196 homes sold – $25 million sales volume. Niche: referral, sphere of influence, past client. MMA Bio: Daniel Del Real

Don Wenner..DLP Realty. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Best Year: 2011 – 394 homes sold – $81 million sales volume. Niche: radio, expired, short sale, internet, 1st time buyer, past client. MMA Bio: Don Wenner

Joshua Smith. RE/MAX. Surprise, Arizona. Best Year: 2011 – 463 homes sold – $49 million sales volume. Niche: REO, short-sale, expired, geographic farming, 1st time buyer, past client. MMA Bio: Joshua Smith

Wayne Turner. Turner Real Estate Group. Mandeville, Louisiana. Best Year: 2006 – 286 closings – $30 million sales volume. Niche: expired, short sale, geographic farming, FSBO. MMA Bio: Wayne Turner