How did your real estate career start?

Like most agents, I struggled my first few years.  I closed 12 transactions in my first 18 months.  It was not pretty.

Then I stagnated at 20 transactions per year for several years.

The big break came when a veteran agent gave me a cassette tape (dated myself) of an interview with a top agent.  It opened my eyes.  I realized that this business boils down to one thing…

Spend 80% of your time FINDING a buyer or seller.  You must have clients to work with or you do not have a business.

Most of us find a client, work with the client, track the client, and close the client.  Then 30, 60, 90 days later, we have to start all over again and FIND a new client.

You need to keep the FIND A CLIENT machine going all the time.  You need a system.

My recommendation to you, focus all your time on finding buyers and sellers.  Your broker and other people in the office will get behind you and help you with the rest.

Every agent needs clients FIRST.

Oh.  You probably want to know if it worked.  Yes it did.  My business shot up when I started focusing on lead generation.  I averaged 100 closings per year for three years in a row (95, 105, 113).

Hope this helps.

Good luck!


P.S.  How did your real estate career start?  (Tell us your story below.)