1101RA – John Morley

January 2011 Rising Agent Interview with

John Morley


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John Morley is with Morley Real Estate Group in Huntsville, Alabama.  He has been an agent for 6 years.  Last year John closed 69 transactions with a total sales volume of 13.9 million.  His average sales price was $202 thousand, of which 39% were buyers and 61% were sellers.  He operates a team with 5 members: 1 listings and closing manager, 2 buyer agents, 1 listing partner, and 1 team leader.

John Morley is the owner and team leader of Morley Real Estate Group.  John believes in modeling the best business practices of successful agents.  He recognized that reinventing the wheel takes too long and can be deadly in business.

John generates the majority of his business from inexpensive radio and television advertisements.  He keeps the cost down by starring in his own ads.  It’s working.  He’s averaging 25 to 30 listing appointments per month and is on track to close 100 transactions this year.

John believes in working “on” his business rather than “in” his business.  While John focuses on generating leads and moving the team forward, his dedicated team members handle the day-to-day operations.  John has not worked directly with a seller or a buyer for over a year and a half.  He accomplished this by hiring both buyer agents and a listing partner.  Listen closely to how the Listing Partner freed John from a 100 hour a week trap, gave him his life back, and continues to grow the business at the same time.

2010 Stats:

  • 69 closings
  • 13.9 million sales volume
  • 202 thousand average price
  • 39% buyers and 61% sellers
  • 5 member team:
    • 1 listings and closing manager
    • 2 buyer agents
    • 1 listing partner
    • 1 team leader


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