1109RA – Wayne Salmans Interview

September 2011 Rising Agent Interview with

Wayne Salmans

Running Time: 1:33


Wayne Salmans with The Salmans Group in Wasilla, Alaska.  Last year, he closed 92 transactions with a total sales volume of 16.0 million.  His average sales price was 173 thousand 50% were buyers and 50% were sellers.  He operated a team with 2 members:  1 buyer agent and 1 team leader.
Wayne Salmans is the team leader of The Salmans Group.  He has been an agent for 6 years.  Wayne successfully transitioned from being a new home construction framer to a new home construction sales agent.  Last year, he sold 92 homes by specializing in new homes sales for builders.

After major changes in Wayne’s real estate market and personal life, he repositioned his business from new home construction to resale homes by focusing on internet leads, for-sale-by-owners, expireds, and his sphere-of-influence.

Wayne’s story is one of inspiration for anyone who has suffered a personal hardship.  During the last year, his personal life took over and he lost control of his business.  Wayne shares how he overcame depression, refocused his mind, and rebuilt his business. 

Wayne describes his internet lead generation system including SEO, Craigslist, Boomtown, Pay-Per-Click, and IDX.

Wayne is tenacious at follow-up.  He makes 40 calls per day.  Wayne shares his scripts and dialogs.  Listen to how he is using personalized video emails.

2010 Stats:

  • 92 closings
  • 16.0 million sales volume
  • 173 thousand average price
  • 50% buyers and 50% sellers
  • 2 member team
    • 1 buyer specialist
    • 1 team leader


  • Builders
  • Internet
  • FSBO
  • Expireds

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